26 May 2020

The Delusional Engine OUT NOW!!

Our new splenditious 'Wonky'lektro'liceous' new album for our mad mad mad world is now available, its called 'The Delusional Engine' and its available from all the top streaming and downloading websites!, incl. Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, iTunes....etc etc! plus you can go git it from our bandcamp page....enjoy fine Lektro folk! Check out The Delusional Engine on BandCamp!

31 Jul 2019

Tiny Spying Robots.....

The New Machine Boy album 'Tiny Spying Robots' is finally released! shweeeeet we hear you say! indeed we say!....its anutha mind bending foray into wonky electronica by Machine Boy as usual available all over the universe & elsewhere including itunes, spotify, amazon etc plus you can support Machine Boy bigtime by getting it from the bandcamp page! we love you & thanks! https://machineboy.bandcamp.com/album/tiny-spying-robots 

Tiny Rockety stuff!!

Machine Boy side project Tiny Rockets have a new long player (ie album...!) OUT NOW!! its called The Lost Machine and is now available worldwide thru all the biggies, itunes, spotify, amazon etc!! it kicks some serious ass so if thats your bag and you just luuuuuuuuuurve 3 dudes kicking it! go check it out! also available from the bands bandcamp! awesome! https://tinyrockets.bandcamp.com/album/the-lost-machine-album 

22 Jun 2019

Machine Boy Tiny Spying Robots

OUT SOON our new album Tiny Spying Robots, thru all the big downloaders n streamers incl. itunes, spotify, amazon etc etc....ace!!

10 Jul 2017

Our new album Deconstruct and Die is available now from all the big streamers n downloaders including Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Deezer, Juno etc etc....you can also git it from our bandcamp page! go there...love!!!

19 Jul 2013

ACTION Figures go Paris'way!

SH⨊BAM KENNEDY Feat Happy Hour ⩆ Twin Twin ⩆ Pirat Panda from ✫ Mika Renassia ✫ on Vimeo.
A little bit Action Figures wonked out krazyness being used to promote a new Paris exhibition......ACE'A'MUNDO as somebody in the oldendays sed!!!