28 Nov 2008

BRUMCAST podcast do a little Machine Boy!

Those very cool dudes at BrumCast Podcast have included our little 'Flange' track...here'as more info, go check it out!...
Brumcast 112 ‘I May not be Jimi Hendrix but at least I'm not dead’, featuring the best new music from the midlands is now ready for listening and FREE download. Go HERE! for download & audio stream links. Download it free and direct from HERE!

Here's this show’s playlist :-
1. Mirror!Mirror! - Dont Mind If I Do (2:32)
2. Munchbreak - The Dirty kitchen (5:42)
3. Movement - God is on my Slide (5:10)
4. Burt Bacharak Fight Club - Durgs Inc (3:56)
5. Isokon Flats - Transit Matter (3:21)
6. When Allegiance Falls - Buried by Burdens (3:31)
7. Sub Rosa - No More Lies (5:11)
8. Girls that Scream - kill me (KORRUPTED STATE REMIX) (3:44)
9. Elmo Sexwhistle - Android (6:02)
10. Untitled Musical Project - I May not be Jimi Hendrix but at least I'm not dead (2:08)
11. And She Said... - Me (4:56)
12. Goteki - Thug Electro (4:11)
13. Old School Tie - Return of Noah (4:53)
14. Big Bren Communications - Shopping (1:26)
15. The Scarlet Harlots - A Secret (2:54)
16. Battle For Prague - 100 Feet Below (4:02)
17. The Courtesy Group - By the time I finish my sentence (3:47)
18. The $hit - Mexican Wave of Hate (2:45)
19. Interlard - Song of the Sirens (3:23)
20. Machine Boy - Flange (3:54)
21. Birmingham Bertie - What's your game? (3:37)
Little Chris

Brumcast RSS feed for itunes HERE!

22 Nov 2008

Houseparty of the Dead 3: Things To Do In Camden When You're Dead

hahahaha........love these guys......erm..and girls!!, anyway a new film from those fine paranoid android film maker genius's and they've used some machine boy musac for the soundtrack, take a look, hey its damb good, having sed that I've always felt camden was full of zombies, oops just alienated half of my little friends.

18 Nov 2008

LATEST machine boy releases!

The Latest single Jamie is now available from those very fine corporate monster type rock n roll dudes iTunes, the single includes a neat little new mix of Action Figures too....wow! check it out HERE!
and the new album The Good Machine is rammed full of squelchy electronica (as described by the great Gill Mills)...it includes, the new single Jamie plus Project life and others...rock on!! check it out on iTunes HERE! good people!

5 Nov 2008

RYMING cHarts @ nUmber 4 oN tHe elEctro cHarts

thanks to everyone who has downloaded our new Ryming EP on Red Robot Records at tracktracker.com, a lot of people seem to be getting it on with the 'I Am Not' mix which includes a neat new little vocal line.......neatness!!...so thanks to everyone and those neat dudes at Red Robot Records!!!