16 Jul 2011

David Cameron....who!

Politicians have the moral high ground!? as they surround the press and stick the boot in!...I keep thinking, enjoy while U can cuz its a sure thing with the fools we have in charge, it won't be long before the press start dishing it out again!...I'm also glad to see that some of the things that fine laaaydy ;-) Maggie Thatcher stood ...for all those years ago are still holding strong...if somebody don't agree with U..no probs bully the crap out of em! they'll tow the line...if you can't afford something!...knick it off some other sucka!...what a fine plucky quaffered ole wench she was!...hey on a brighter note robberies are now UP....well UP apparently!! in good ole Birmingham....a pat on the back for all those fine folk who campaigned to get half a few hundred grands worth of CCTV cameras taken down in our fine fine city!....U ROCK U REALLY DO!

15 Jul 2011

ROBOCAST doin the Death Machine thang!

Machine Boy's Death Machine is now playing on that fine electronic radio show Robo Cast Radio....it is splendid....in a very splenideedo way!.


9 Jul 2011

fone dregs!

So now we know whats important!, lets tap a few murder victims phones, there's bound to be a juicy story or 2 in there!...can the press sink any lower!?...oh I'm sure they CAN!

3 Jul 2011


tis weird at one time we had the village idiot! now we have the celebrity!....

2 Jul 2011

wot the.....final!

Final (fantasy'land'mix) by Machine Boy
Just for a moment I am discovering the universe & elsewhere.....erm...apparently! back to normal soon tho I would imagine!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! a street scene! ;-)


ok over the last cupla days I've been reading a number of stories in the 'bad' ole UK press (alway to be believed, haha, obviously!) incl. facebook 40 million dollar payoff and the mighty U2 tax scam, this amounts to enuff cash to run a fair sized country, THE GREED of PEOPLE on this planet is truly staggering!