24 Jun 2011

IN LIFE.......

Death Machine (4 min edit) by Machine Boy aLive
In life you....pay....pay...pay......and pay some more...so here's 4 little minutes of FREE Death.....speaking purely musically obviously!....a 4 minute mix of monster 14 minute track from the Machine Boy 'Village Machine' EP which is also completely FREE HERE!

18 Jun 2011

jobs jobs jobs!

Its great to be living in a country where the right people are in the right jobs....David Cameron for example!....oops sorry forget that one!

2 Jun 2011

MACHINE BOY doin his TENBOY thang!

THE NEW Tenboy ep is now available worldwide, the ep is called 'The Girl In The Moon' its 4 tracks of good acoustic based tenboy splendidness and here's a little picture of The Girl In The Moon...here's some links you can click to listen to samples and if you like it please BUY IT!