30 Apr 2009

THIS IS Red Robot Vol2...!

RED ROBOT RECORDS have a new album out soon
Following on with their series of "This Is" albums comes volume 2, which includes the Machine Boy Jamie track!
Here's the full release tracklisting!

1/ Urban Unity - Never Think When Your Drinking
2/ Lex Loofah & Julie Doce - Spleen
3/ Flatpack Jesus - Rock To The Beat
4/ Machine Boy - Jamie
5/ Sass - Korean Death Fan
6/ Haruyoshi Miura - Water & Sunset
7/ Milk - Dont Touch
8/ Lex Loofah - Ital
9/ Silent Seraph - Oh Gloria
10/ Oscar TG - Vicious
11/ Dj Robopunk - Minimal Electrons
12/ Will Scarlett - Coffee Mate
13/ Julius Jah Davis - Newsaoul
14/ Niki Carrera - Silly Things
15/ Shesus Sanchez - Skate
Release Date is 11th of May 2009.
Will be available WORLDWIDE from all good download sites.

For more info check our RED ROBOT RECORDS:

28 Apr 2009

TWITTER....follow the_machineboy!

You can now follow Machine Boy thru that silly little website thingy called Twitter, just go to my page www.twitter.com/themachineboy press the little 'Follow' button and woooooooooooooow! you're sorted..and as a celebration of this wonderfullness I have done a stoooopid little cartoon...o god, who's got too much time o his hands!? ROCK ON! TWEEETERS!

21 Apr 2009

RED ROBOT records remix ep!

RED ROBOT RECORDS will be releasing a new ep called 'Re-building A better boy' soon (release date TBC!), it will feature remixes of various Machine Boy tracks by other artists, incl. Lex Loofah, Oscar TG & John Orbiter (more to follow), a couple of the tracks featured will be Jamie & Building A Better Boy...expect some weirdness!!....we'll let you know a release date when we get one!! rock on!!

13 Apr 2009

New Jamies Dream EP audio samples!

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Sample our new Jamies Dream ep at Beatport!

8 Apr 2009

BEATPORT feature for Jamies Dream!

Our new spangly ep is now available and has picked up a pretty nifty little feature on the mighty BEATPORT.com dance download site!...

the ep can now be downloaded from these very fine sites!, BEATPORT.com, AMAZON.co.uk, PLAY.com & the wonderful iTunes...rock on!