3 Jan 2010

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Over the last 12 months or so I've been doing a number of remixes of other artists songs/tracks, the latest one is for my favourite 8 bit artist K.Katt (from Sweden), their original track 'Music For Small Individuals' is total genius and in my opinion is a simple electro pop masterpiece (this is the kind of experimental stuff we should be getting in our charts, but thats anutha story!), I have created 2 remixes one which will ...appear on the bands new ep available to buy from 4th January 2010 and the second will be on The Red Robot Labels latest 'Ths Is Red Robot Volume 5' (available 11th January 2010) compilation album, you can take a listen to both my remixes on my FACEBOOK page in the music player (on the left and side of the MACHINEBOY page) plus there are 'Buy It' links in the player too.

over the next few months we will be adding all our remixes to our FACEBOOK page so please link to us (add us), we will also be giving away some of them on MP3, so check it out!

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