30 Oct 2008

BBC cIty cEntre bIg scrEEns to fEature mAchine bOy animated fiLms

The BBC's Big Screens will be showing a selection
of Machine Boy animated films incl. 'Building A
Better Boy', 'Action Figures','Depression' & 'OK Komputer'
all thru November & December 2008, the screens are at the
following City Centre locations!

Big Screen Manchester
Big Screen Liverpool
Big Screen Birmingham (Chamberlain Square)
Big Screen Leeds
Big Screen Hull
Big Screen Derby
Big Screen Rotherham
Big Screen Swindon
Big Screen Hull

So if you're there doin yer shoppin...you may just catch a
bit of Machine Boy's animated'trip'rok universe! you lucky

Go ere for more BBC Big Screen info: http://www.bbc.co.uk/bigscreens/

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