5 Oct 2008

JAMIE single & some other stuff!!

hell yeh we got a cupla thingz to tell ya!!......ok then our new single'Jamie' is now available at the mighty iTunes, its a 3 tracker with a couple of interesting bits'n'bobs on there with a (WOW) new machine'esque'rawk'n'rollamix of that little ole'action figures' ditty!

Go here to check out 'Jamie' at iTunes:

plus the album 'The Good Machine'is also now available to get too...altho the official release date thingy shouldn't have been for another few weeks...(best laid plans & all that!) itsnow up on itunes!.........so go check em both out, see if you like em, then maybe buy a choon or 2 (machine boy will personally come round and kiss every person who buys something!!...HONEST!...he don't lie, he's a good machine!)

Check out 'The Good Machine' at iTunes here:

....or even if you wanna just post a comment on our itunes store page that would be damb cooooooool (good or bad....we don't mind, we'd love to hear watcha got to say)......we're a bit thin on iTunes comments...so that would be well wicked!!...

dean's also putting the final touches to the animated 'Jamie' video too so hopefully our (now) bestist friends at MTV will hopefully(keep everything crossed for us!) be showing the (hoho)'Jamie' masterpiece on MTV sooooooooooooooooooooooonio!!!! ;-).............

oh yeh a couple of other little bits and pieces to tell!....machine boy's doin a couple of remixes for that gorgeous new label 'Red Robot Records' (groovy 'Warp' dude Lex Loofah'sbrand new label...ee's d'man!.....NEATO!) more on that soon, plus Red Robot are releasing yet another Machine Boy single this month to be exact on the 10th October, its again a 3 track offering including the original mix of 'Ryming' plus 2 new spangly mixes of Ryming with added vocals and some other bits'n'bobs!..1:Original Mix, 2:Phat as Phuck mix,3:I am Not mix...NICE!!....this will again be a download single and will be available from various sites including Beatport and iTunes (to name but a few)....more on this soon!

More Red Robot info here:

and just one more thang!!!.....one of machine boy's fave little labels Retinascan.de are releasingsome more 'physical' machine boy stuff (ie.....a shiny silver disc, DUH!)....in the shape ofa....erm...i spose we will call it an ep...mini album kinda thing, it will be a 9 track affairand its just a bit different from machine boy's most recent output..and the ep is called 'Extort'..anyways when we know release dates etc....we'll get back to ya!!...........oh yeh there are a few other things...but I need a rest after writing all that crap!....anyways more soon!......rock on dudes...and dude'esssss'sssssss.......obviously!!
Thanks & luuuuuuuurve from your little friend machine boy ;-)

Go here for more Retinascan info:

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