5 Feb 2011

My Life As A Teenage Robot...is gettin political wew!

ok then more from the irrelavant world of 'My life as a teenage robot'.......yes I know I should be hung drawn & quartered for this one!...but hey on a lighter note whatever happened to that good ole 'take him down to be hung drawn & quartered'?........well maybe it would sort out our 'full to brimming' prison problems..........plus extra FREE meat products for cattle feed...yeh heart of serial killer...get a bit of that into our foodchain! shweeeet!.....and apparently its a right royal grungy mess afterwards too...erm....so I've heard!......yeh what a great idea....you know what, I should be 'Presidentey of THE WORLD'........... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...you gotta imagine me laughing kinda like Vincent Price!!....phew spooky....I told ya the machines will take over ONE DAY.....then you'll be sorry suckas!!....

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astottara said...

Well, umm hi my name is data-boy and I would just like to say that I am also a robot that enjoys laughing like vincent price at the imminent destruction of the earth.

so get this.
the reason why i found you online is because I'm making a modular (and mini) drum machine with the capacity of a synth, at least for four pads, which will look like half an SPD8 |=|=|=|=| like that. and so I'm researching spd8s to make sure mine will be better (apart from the fact the standalone will be harder to program than a techstar 501)

anyway umm can we be friends cos I've never found anyone that possibly shares half an algorithm close to myself, so I don't know where you come from but I like it.

OKAY so I want to get to know you and geek music and audio stuff and robots. IS THAT COOL>?

all my websites are compiled here: http://www.facebook.com/astottara
I'm yet to make ONE domain cos I never stick with names long enough, and all my solo projects need different names!