27 Mar 2011

uma uma uma!

I love adverts, they are the best thing in the world! much more interesting than any other shit on teevee!...I especially like the one where there's a tram crash and the corner shop gets crushed and...and.....that blokes missus who's just had that baby gets crushed to death! and then everybody else in the street comes out to see whats going on and then Ken Barlow comes out and he gets a huge piece of tram track thru his chest and then the tram which has just crashed...and is now precariously resting on the side of the bridge falls over into the street killing everybody in site, including all the emergency services people, then a bunch of terrorists in a toyota truck come trundling down the street, pick up the survivors and parade them on teevee and slowly mutilate every last one of em.....erm....what do you mean that wasn't an advert! OH! BUT IT WAS SUCKAS!.....yeh I love adverts!

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